wrap. facebook. instagram. repeat

can we talk about gift wrapping? when you are at target grabbing all of the pretty paper, bows, "ooh those bells will look gorgeous perched upon my gifts!!" seems like all fun and games. then you get home. set out all your pretty little purchases to admire. sit down on the floor. open that roll of paper and begin trying to lay it out flat. why is this such a battle? can't you just lay flat for the .34 seconds it takes me to grab the gift i want to wrap you in? landon then comes running in. "oooh scissors!" grabs those and runs off like he's training for a marathon. track down said scissors. assume the position once again. fourty-five minutes later i have successfully wrapped one and a half gifts. checked facebook three times. instagram five and refilled my water bottle. 
next year i'll just stick to gift bags. 
probably not. 

hat // target
sunglasses // free people
dress // urban outfitters
socks // urban outfitters
boots // target


  1. Cute floral dress. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  2. I here you with the wrapping. Lucky this year I only had a few to wrap.

  3. Do you ever not wear a hat? wtf?

    1. sometimes on mondays. or saturdays. you should probably wear them more to cover your balding head. happy new year.

  4. Great look. My family always makes fun of my wrapping--looks good on the top, but the bottoms usually a mess of tape and extra wrinkles.


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