My Week's via iPhone: Week 23 & 24

Here's two weeks worth of shenanigans rolled into one post. Have a great weekend and spend some time with the father in your life! 

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playing the guitar with his uncle tyler.  
fruit skewers for landon's birthday party. 
bounce house! 
he loved his cake!
trying out his mater power wheels.
4 seater bikes at the disney boardwalk. 
creeper man with a red faced baby.
bored at his year check-up 
close up. #junephotoaday
sign. #junephotoaday 
 drink. my favs.#junephotoaday 
he loves his new radio flyer. 
sushi saturday.
no, mom. this is how you do it! 
ball pit playtime! 
door. #junephotoaday 
i fall for good marketing. every. time.  
i try to make myself like yogurt. thanks. but. no thanks. 
la empanada food truck. 
time. #junephotoaday
rey knows the way to my heart. keepin it classy with the cans. 
he lined up his tent so he could jump into the ball pit.


  1. Too funny I took a picture of the target doors too.

  2. Uh the vibe of this blog feels so amazing 0:). I am now following. I hope you can check out my site: and FOLLOW. Hope to hear from you soon. 0:) Thanks and God bless

  3. Your sweet life looks amazing =)


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