my week via iPhone

here's a recap of my week through the camera of my iPhone. 
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if not, then never mind. carry on with your day.

a little a.m. 3rd & bird watching.
the most delicious cupcakes to ever exist. feel free to quote me. 
getting ready to go out with my love. 
bevys at hawkers.
yeah. so we went to the lodge. never. again. 
love him.
public displays of affection weird me out. i can't be serious. 
checking himself out in the mirror to make sure the girl did a good job cutting his hair. such a demanding 13 month old.
'here mama, i'll share my goldfish with you!"
so. target got these fringe moccasins. i decided i should get them in case they sell out before the florida "fall" weather arrives. 
in love with these essie metallics.
target has their own knock-off version of the jCrew panama hat. 
somedays call for an afternoon pick-me-up. 
other days call for just a diaper and shoes. florida living at its finest.


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