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a few weeks ago i was contacted by one of my friends who has recently become a lemongrass spa products consultant. she asked if i would mind reviewing a few of her products. i of course obliged! what girl doesn't like trying new beauty products? lemongrass products are all handmade, natural, skin care products that are not only safe but, affordable! lemongrass strives to use product packaging that can be recycled and reused to provide sustainability to our environment. from their cornstarch packing peanuts, corn-base product labels to their reusable gift bags and jars! they are are consistently on the cutting edge when looking for the most eco-friendly options. lemongrass offers products from baby to sunscreen to even offering a men's collection! 

if you are local and are interested in hosting a party or even if you are outside of the orlando area check out kerilyn's page here and make sure you tell her i sent you!

now on to the products!  

psst... look for a giveaway at the end of this post! 

pomegranate body polish // this product is amazing and if i had to pick a favorite this would be it! i first used it to shave my legs. we all know how much i hate shaving. this stuff left the most amazing, smooth, silky finish! much better than any of the foam bottled products i have tried in the past. i also used this as a scrub for my dry hands and they felt amazing afterwards! not to leave out, it smells so amazing! not too overpowering, just right! 

 facial cleansing gel // i first used this product before applying anything else to my face. this cleansing gel left my skin feeling smooth and with a soft clean feeling! i really enjoyed it. 

pomegranate facial polish // this facial polish left my skin glowing and exfoliated! my face felt immediately hydrated and the scent is just as amazing as in the body polish.

pomegranate facial mask // i applied this product after using the facial polish. i suffer from a dry forehead. random. i know. this product immediately cleared it up! and the scent is just as amazing as in the body polish.

hydrating eye creme // before heading to bed i dabbed a few spots of this under my eyes. it left them feeling cool and refreshed! this is also one of the few eye cremes that has not left my contacts burning my eyes due to the overpowering aroma! that's a definite plus in my book!

spearmint eucalyptus organic body wash // my immediate thought when i applied this body wash while in the shower was "this scent is amazing!" it filled my shower with a delicious eucalyptus scent! i was automatically in love. what i also enjoyed about this product is that i didn't have to use a ton of it on my loofah. a little bit went a long way! 

face creme with botanicals // i applied this product before i put my makeup on in the morning. you could also use this at night after you have cleansed your face. i found it useful in creating a fresh palate before applying my make up. 

meditation body silk // i really enjoyed this scent. it's a combination of sandalwood, vanilla and magnolia. right away it gives you a relaxing sensation. i applied this body silk on my arms and legs before heading outdoors. i love that it didn't leave me with a greasy feeling that so many body silks are known for! 

i really enjoyed having the opportunity to try out all of these amazing products! i really love that the company is a USA-made brand as well as being an all natural company! make sure you check them out.

and now for the giveaway!

kerilyn was generous enough to have one of my lucky readers win a pomegranate body polish, to enter please leave a comment below with your email address! the winner will be generated automatically by number generator and will be announced on friday, july 26! good luck!
*this contest if for readers in the united states. 

*this review was not a paid review. all opinions are based on my own experience using lemongrass spa products.*


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