i got nine on it.

i purchased these sandals for $9.99 at urban outfitters a couple of weeks ago. anytime i find an item in there under $10 i question why it went on clearance. are they that hideous and i'm just not realizing it? they must hurt when you walk? or maybe they just have too many and want to get rid of them. yeah? that must be it. without further hesitation i made my purchase and was merrily on my way. the next morning i realized why they were on sale. it takes roughly 43 minutes to wrap the strap around your ankle, find the hole for the buckle to buckle. then you stand up and one feels looser than the other. sit back down. just try find the same buckle hole on the right as you buckled with the left. i would suggest doing all of this in the comfort of your bedroom under a ceiling fan. sweat will be produced. 

sunglasses // free people
tank // forever 21
cut offs // vintage levi's
sandals // urban outfitters


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