as soon as i pulled these overalls up. snapped the buttons in place and tucked my shirt in it was like i was immediately transported to 1992. at that time i had roughly 19 pairs of overalls. i have flashbacks of shopping trips with my mom to spirals and limited too to pick up the latest print. of course you had to get the matching scrunchie. because. come on. you can't just wear the white scrunchie with a floral print overall. and why was my white scrunchie always so dingy? probably due to countless ponytail re dos throughout the day. at that age it was uber important to not have any sort of bump in your hair. thankfully twenty-one years later {yes. i'm old}bumpy, i don't care hair and overalls are back in style. as long as i don't have to start wearing a scrunchie on my wrist i'll call it a win.

sunglasses // target
overalls // forever 21
tank // urban outfitters
sandals // target


  1. well, you look awesome in them! :)


  2. girl, your rocking those overalls


  3. this makes me want to run out and get a pair!


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