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     i was at panera the other night. usually i make rey go in and i either wait at home or in the car. mainly because he is really good at ordering. or, something like that. anyways, this particular evening i decided to go in and order with him because i had recieved 1876 emails from panera announcing some new sandwich panini or maybe it was a soup? that i just had to try out. i mean. they don't send that many emails out for nothing. upon careful consideration i chose their new, maybe new, maybe old. i have no idea. roasted turkey and avocado blt. 
     we have one of those my panera cards and to be quite honest with you. if it really were ''my" panera card i wouldn't choose to get $1 off a soda. i digress. we waited for the cashier to call my name which usually results in some sort of awkward mumbling gurgle mouth version of my name. riajgkdkal? what? my name doesn't even have a 'j' in it. how did you even make that sound? but, not this time. no. the cashier called my name. "rhiannon, your order is ready." i beamed with excitement. "oh, wow. pretty much no one ever says my name right." to which she replied "oh, yeah. i knew a rhiannon. she was much younger than you, though." and then once again with the blink of an eye i was sent crashing back down to reality. 
     getting old can be a real something or other. 

sunglasses // free people
tank // forever 21
shorts // forever 21
sandals // urban outfitters 


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