probably 48 percent of the time when i hear black and white i think of black and white cookies. probably a food issue of some sort? or maybe i just need to give into my craving and pick one up at the publix bakery. instead. every time i visit the bakery with full intention of getting a black and white i end up walking away with half a dozen cupcakes and a full size round cake. then rey comes home and and is all judgey faced asking me "why do we have a cake and cupcakes?" to which i respond "you can never have too many cake products. you know, in case someone decides to stop by at the last minute. i will have a variety of treats to offer." he usually just walks off mumbling something and shaking his head while i carry on with my afternoon, business as usual. 

hat // target
sunglasses // target
tank // target
shorts // f21
sandals // {not pictured} urban outfitters


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