field dweller

rey and i were at his parents house the other day. they conveniently have a field as their backyard. the situation when down a little like this:

rey: let's go take some photos of you outside

me: by outside you mean OUTside as in OUTdoors as in where the snakes dwell?

rey: yeah, but it's not like that. just come on.

me: sigh. ok

rey: just stand over there near that tall grass.

me: ok, but i'm not actually getting in the tall grass.

rey: ok. just take like a step back. ok. now just like two steps back.

me: rey! i'm in the grass now where the snakes dwell! 

rey: it's fine. i'm sure they have an epi pen somewhere around here.

me: um. i think those only work on like peanut allergies? 

hat // target
sunglasses // free people
dress // urban outfitters
sandals // urban outfitters


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