a lesson in mosquito bites

i'm getting my hairs done today. judging from the unruliness shown in these photos, it's time. it was probably time a month ago. i also hate taking photos at night.  at night is when the mosquitoes come out. and when the mosquitoes come out. my skin attracts them like a toddler to a cookie. which made me start thinking. why does rey never attract bugs like i do? then i got my wheels turning even more that  resulted in a search on my ever trusty webmd. you never have to even visit a doctor. just google it on webmd. {don't quote me on that} anyways, my research taught me that mosquitoes are attracted to people with higher cholesterol levels and people who produce excess amounts of uric acid. so yeah, thanks webmd. today i learned that i apparently have high cholesterol and wreak of acid. happy thursday!

sunglasses // free people
tank // urban outfitters
pants // target
boots // forever 21 

just itching away at those bites. 


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