i knew one of these days taking photos in a field would backfire on me. that day was yesterday. i was wearing pants all day and suddenly i had the urge to scratch my ankle. i lift my pant leg to see what was causing the said itch and i see what appeared to me as a rather large red bite. of course i began googling frantically like the insane normal person i am. tick bite. i turn to rey. 'yeah, i bet it's a tick bite, what if i have lyme disease? my head does kinda hurt and my back ached for a minute or so earlier today." he rolls his eyes and turns the radio up. i still continue my search. "spider bite! yep. that has to be it. but, i don't think it's a bad spider bite because i haven't had any sort of reaction...yet. maybe my reaction will come later? rey! rey? why aren't you listening to me?" "because there is nothing wrong with you, it's a little bite. you always freak out and then nothing is wrong with you." "yeah, well. one of these days i could be right." 
i still have no idea what the bite is. probably never will. you better believe the hypochondriac in me has been peroxide and neosporining that sucker up. 

sunglasses // free people
jacket // target
tank // urban outfitters
shorts // target
boots // forever 21 


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