drive-thru. drive-off.

raise your hand if you have ever drove off from the starbucks drive-thru without your drink? no? i have, yesterday in fact. in my defense i was busy trying to feed a starving child in the backseat, talking to my mom, then got distracted by some lady that walked in front of my car with the most muscular calves i have ever witnessed. all while she was trying to teeter on her six inch stilettos while crossing the parking lot. in my eagerness to see if she was going to fall at any given point i drove off without my drink. karma. it'll get ya. 
i did realize {five minutes later} that i didn't have my drink. i contemplated not going back. then i thought, "surely other people do this all the time, right?" i walk up to the counter fumbling with my receipt in my hands. "um. hi. i was all busy trying to feed my child a morning bun and drove off without my drink." she replies "oh yeah, let me look it's probably sitting around here somewhere." then i realize "um. yeah that guy over there is drinking it." the barista took my mistake and turned it into his own venti green tea peach lemonade drinking morning. glad i could at least make his day.

disclaimer: they did make me a new drink and did not force me to drink the half tea the barista left for me.  

sunglasses // free people
tank // forever 21
shorts // vintage levi's
belt // target
boots // target


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