i dropped landon off today for his first day of preschool. i'm pretty sure i was more nervous/sad than he was. "rey, what if he cries and doesn't want me to leave? what if he's all confused and is wondering where we are all day? what if he doesn't know what to do, he's still only two. that's so little!?"to which rey replied "that's what the teacher is there for. he will be fine. and, it's only three hours!" once we arrived at the school rey and i were total nerd parents snapping photos as we walked hand in hand into the classroom. as soon as we walked into the room landon let go of my hand and ran over to play race cars with another little boy. and just like that my two year old is off to explore the world on his own. i hugged and kissed him goodbye followed by a good cry for a minute or two in the car. picked myself up and drove home. now i'm just sitting here waiting for the clock to strike 11:30 so i can pick him up and kinda missing the sound of toy story playing in the background and the noise of choo choo's and race cars crashing. 


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