encounters of the random

i'm considering writing a book about all the randoms i encounter on a daily basis. the other day as i was walking into starbucks carrying landon, a man approached me asking how old landon was. i replied "two." he then informed me "good luck with that one!" accompanied with a slight eye roll. i was confused. began looking around. did landon fall from my arms and begin running wildly through the parking lot? had he sprinted through starbucks stealing patrons belongings left and right? no. he was still in my grasp playing merrily with his belt buckle or trying to un velcro his toms. i'm still not exactly sure what he meant by that comment and i'm sure i never will. what i do know is that i rarely pay attention to what anyone else around me is doing. i'm usually too preoccupied balancing a 32lb toddler, my wallet, an iPhone, sippie cup, pet monkey and a kazoo. 

sunglasses // free people
jumpsuit // forever 21
belt // target
clogs // urban outfitters
sandals // urban outfitters


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