leg hair. don't care

brace yourself, you are about to get to know me a whole lot better. probably more than you care to. let's talk about leg hair. i have a shaving issue. my issue is i am terrible at it. i don't do it nearly enough and when i do, i end up missing patches and by patches i mean the entire back of one of my legs. ok. maybe, both legs. i blame it on being a swimmer. in high school we would go the entire swim season without shaving to create drag. then the night before our district meet we would shave our legs. makes sense. right? either way. i need to perfect my shaving skills because i'm pretty sure landon's swim teacher noticed my strays glistening in the sun today. that, or she just liked looking at my legs. 

tank // target
shorts // urban outfitters
sandals // target

i mean. that face. someone got the stink eye whether they knew it or not...


  1. haha hilarious! I have so many pictures of me doing that. One: I love your shoes!! Two, yes, I am with you on the leg hair thing, I wish it wasnt' a deal lol

  2. haha so good. she was probably lovin the legs... they're great stems. love your bo-ho look girl!


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