pony highs

i've been throwing my hair in a high pony lately. mainly because it's been hot. ok. mainly because i haven't washed it in three four  five days? something like that. i hear it's healthy not to wash your hair every day. i'm doing it for health reasons not because i'm lazy. and now you all are shaking your head in disgust thinking this chick is a total dirtbag that doesn't frequently shave {refer to yesterdays post} and doesn't wash her hair.

what's the saying? if the shoes fits...

sunglasses // target
dress // forever 21
belt // urban outfitters
boots // target


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  2. I'm totally not judging, I'm not a fan of shaving my legs or washing my hair. You dress is adorable, I think I need to add a denim dress to my shopping list, just what my closet needs, more denim!


  3. Super cute dress! I love this look, very chic!


  4. psssht I only wash my hair every three days! So that's less than twice a week lol. Hair is dead anyway, just work with what ya got!

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