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this post has nothing to do at all with the photos that are attached. well. other than the fact i wore this on monday. what happened on monday you ask? i took landon to swim just like we have been doing for the past three weeks. after his lesson we were walking back to the car when he suddenly stopped and had a look of concentration on his face. that's when i saw the trail of pee forming down the hallway of the ymca. what did i do in this situation? i decided to yell loudly so everyone in the ymca and down the street could hear "oh, landon! i should have dried you off better!" while quickly mopping up the pee with a towel. we then darted to the exit without making eye contact. i mean. if you don't make eye contact with anyone then they didn't actually see it happen. right?

never did my 21 year old self ever think my nearly 31 year old self would be soaking up pee throughout a ymca on a monday afternoon. but. i wouldn't take it any other way. 

sunglasses // target
tank // forever 21
shorts // urban outfitters
sandals // target


  1. Hahaha, poor little boy! Did he get upset or anything?

    You are rocking those shorts!

    Corinne x

  2. Rhiannon, thats so funny! I tend to avoid eye contact too when things arent supposed to be as they should! and yes I believe that no one would have seen it :P
    Its nice that you did a little joke out of the situation, humour always saves awkward moments!
    And let me tell you how much I am jealous of your body!!!LOve the jean shorts :)


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