hot trottin'

i love taking photos outside in my neighborhood. i'll look out my front window before venturing outside. "ok, rey! hurry! the coast is clear!" we open the garage. walk to the end of the garage. take our first steps onto our driveway. door number one opens. out walks a neighbor. "oh. it's her, ok i don't mind her." {"her" knows who she is} another garage opens. followed by another front door slam.  next thing i know it looks like a scene from the walking dead. instead of 1,875 zombies walking towards me it's real people. which brings me to probably my most favorite lady i have seen walking my neighborhood. her hair. her dog. her walk. everything about her was amazing. she was what you would refer to as a "power walker" that or she was on speed. or maybe a mixture or both. rey said she was doing the "hot trot". which i had never heard of and he advised me to google it. which i did. and it has nothing to do with walking. i digress. my favorite thing she did was when she hot trotted past me and screamed "smile! smile! you can do better than that!' in her defense i suppose i could have done better but it's hard not to smile when you have a lady with a wild mane hot trottin towards you. 

jacket // forever 21
tank // urban outfitters
shorts // urban outfitters
boots // target

when i first saw her rounding the corner. 
here she comes!
look at her go!
then i got nervous and started fidgeting with my hair. 
i said smile!


  1. LOL!!! That's hilarious! I hate taking pictures in front of people too...but usually my husband says some kind of inappropriate comment to keep me focused!

    knocked up fabulous

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  4. hilarious! been there, done that. one time i had 6 kids watching me! i was terrified. nightmares for days.


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