dust buster

this dress. i love it. i hate it. i love it because it's super comfortable and i'm all about being able to pull something over my head and be out the door. i hate it because the hem of the dress is so long it catches on the buckles of my sandals all day long. it also doubles as a vacuum. by the end of the day i had accumulated leaves, dust, a paci and a half eaten jolly rancher. in no particular order. 

dress // target
sandals // target


  1. I saw this dress at Target the other day and almost bought it, I love it! It's gorgeous and now I kind of want to go back for it.


  2. Loving your dress!! <3


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  4. "half eaten jolly rancher"... bahahah! i find food in my obnoxiously long hair - from my daughter. totally not from me...


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