i've been trying to write this post for the past week or so. i will start. then stop. delete then edit. my baby is no longer a baby. i now have a full on toddler slash going on 12 year old. one day he acts like he can do it all on his own. the next he comes running to me at the drop of a hat. or truck on his foot in his case. the other night we were watching toy story 3. at the end of the movie andy moves away to college and gives away all his toys to a little girl. i cried. and then i cried some more. then i thought some more about andy leaving his mom and i cried a tear or two more. then i realized i was crying over toy. story. 3. why do we cry over the thought of our children growing up? we should be celebrating. they are completing one milestone and going on to a bigger and better one. but, as most moms i'm sure would agree, it's hard to let go. it's tough watching your child not need you as much as they did yesterday.

 i've watched landon grow into such an amazing little boy over the past two years. he is loving, funny, silly, daring and wild all rolled into a 30ish pound package. come monday when he turns 2 instead of tearing up i'm going to celebrate. celebrate the fact that i am blessed to be his mom. today. tomorrow. and when he heads off to college and donates his own woody to the little girl next door. landon, i hope you have the best birthday a two year old train loving dare devil could ever dream of.


  1. Happy birthday little one! :)

  2. such a bittersweet feeling, I am sure. He is turning into a beautiful young boy, though, and I am sure you can't help but be proud of him!


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