you only turn 25 once...

saturday started out like any other regular saturday...rey and i made our daily morning trip to starbucks to enjoy our favorite beverage, a delish tall mocha.  for some reason that small little cup of joy makes my morning that much better. after perusing a few of my favorite magazines (usweekly and inTouch) i like to keep up on my current events. we then headed back home to meet up with our friends megan, carlos and their beautiful 4 month old baby girl, lennon love.  the five of us loaded up in the car and made the trek to groveland to celebrate my brother-in-law alex's 25th birthday.  the day consisted of tasty cuban food, good friends and family.  i really enjoy being around megan, carlos and their baby girl.  i've never been around babies that much in my life so being around lennon has really somewhat prepared me for what is to come with landon. she was the first baby diaper i had ever changed or even really held for that matter.  i learned on saturday when you don't have an aspirator with you, you never attempt to put your finger up a 4 month olds nose to pick a booger even if it's hanging there for the whole world to see, it's best to just leave it alone. that was a definite no no and lennon was not a fan.  it's stuff like this that i had no clue of. :) but i guess it's trial and error and i will be learning new things daily.  i do get anxious as the day gets closer to having my own baby. i'm not one of those people that have overly prepared and  have read every book under the sun and freaked out about every little thing to prepare myself for a new baby. honestly, i feel like every baby is going to be different and there is no certain book that is going to prepare me for every situation i encounter. i just figure i will wing it and eventually everything will come in time. i mean, if women can have babies and raise them in the middle of the amazon without a diaper genie and bouredauex's butt paste then i'm fairly certain i can make due with all the "essentials" i have been given. in the end it was a fabulous saturday, i know it was good for rey to be able to catch up with brother that he doesn't get to see that often and to be able to sit back, relax and enjoy being around family. as cliche as it sounds, in the end those are the ones that will always be there for you no matter what is going on. we love you alex, and hope you had a fabulous birthday! landon is so lucky to have you as an uncle!


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