the big "I"

this past tuesday when i went to my weekly doctors appointment my doctor decided to schedule me to be induced, or as i like to call it the big "i".  i've been dealing with high blood pressure issues for the past couple of weeks and was put on medication to keep it low and had to monitor it daily.  along with having high blood pressure there is a risk of having the placenta rupture, which is one of the main reasons i have had to have nst's (non stress test) done on a weekly basis for the past 3 weeks or so to monitor the status of the baby. soooo, i am being induced june 4th at 9 a.m. at winnie palmer hospital.  that's 6 days from now, to be exact.  i haven't quite decided if knowing the exact day i go to the hospital is a good or bad thing or if i would rather just have my water break at any given moment.  it has definitely been the root of some sleepless nights as of late. but either way, i will be going to the hospital in 6 short days.

this weekend rey and i decided to "live it up" being the last weekend it would just be the two of us for the rest of our lives.  which still hasn't quite sunk in yet.

friday, we went to see the hangover 2.  i liked it, i mean it's not going to win an oscar or anything. but, you have go in watching it with an open mind and take it for what it's worth.  just looking at zach galifianakis makes me laugh, and bradley cooper isn't too bad either.  after the movie we went to kobe for dinner, we sat with a family of 8,  right away i took the end seat because i hate sitting next to people i don't know (same goes at the movie theater).  rey ended up having to sit next to one of the most obnoxious mothers i have ever encountered.  first, she took the opportunity to introduce her entire family, herself, husband, children and her daughters friends.  they were they because her daughter just graduated high school.  i mean that's nice and all but i have no interest in small talk with people i don't know.  and i'm fairly certain the first rule of kobe etiquette is to not speak with the other families at the table....or maybe that is just my rule.   she then began barking out orders to all of the people that worked at the restaurant, maybe even some that didn't work there, i'm not really sure. she then proceeded to be quite nosey when it came to her daughter having a conversation with her friends, she just kept wanting to be in the middle of everything they were talking about including being in every picture they took.  at that moment i promised myself i will try my hardest to not be that type of mom.

saturday, we had some errands to get accomplished which included picking up my new glasses.  i figured i should go ahead and get a pair to throw on in preparation of the sleepless nights that are fast approaching.  i didn't want to have to put my contacts on every time i wake up at night. so i thought a new pair of glasses fit the bill.  the glasses are super cute and i love them.  they are just basic black, square frame.  nothing fancy but i do enjoy them.  later that afternoon out of no where i really wanted a grape sno-cone.  which is odd because up until now i have yet to have a craving.  but all of a sudden i really wanted a grape sno-cone.  but not just any sno-cone, back in march, rey and i went to a spring training game in kissimmee with my parents.  it was supposed to be "spring" hence the name "spring training" but there was nothing spring-like in the temperature that day.  i'm pretty sure it was like 198* that day.  my mother and i were miserably hot.  we kept getting up and moving to the shade when out of no where there was a sno-cone stand (it wasn't really out of no where it was in clear sight, but you get the point).  we stood in line for what seemed like an hour waiting on that refreshing treat.  seriously, best sno-cone i have ever had in my life, it really was a life saver that day. no sno-cone will probably ever compare.  which brings us back to present day, i thought to myself "a sno-cone sure would be delish on a day like this".  i then whipped out my trusty iPhone and googled "sno-cone places orlando" and sure enough "rainbow sno-cone" appeared.  the address wasn't too far from us so, we ventured out.  it was a little hole in the wall place off the side of the street in a run down shopping mall.  but, i figured what the heck we made it this far and it did have good reviews online.  i wandered up to the counter and placed my order for a medium grape while rey opted for the orange-pineapple.  we then enjoyed our tasty treat in the car with the a/c going.  of course in the end the sno-cone didn't compare to the life saving one i had the pleasure of tasting that fine spring training day, but it did however satisfy my craving for those mere 5 min or so. :)

since it was my last week being pregnant we decided to have an impromptu photo shoot at the winter park farmers market and lake mary city hall.  :)





i hope every one has a fantastic memorial day weekend!


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