meet buster brown.....

today at the lorenzo household we have a visitor.  my nephew-dog, buster.  buster is a 2 year old westie... or so my brother claims.  i'm fairly certain he was labeled incorrectly and is a scottie. but that is neither here nor there. my parents have temporary custody while my brother is finishing medical school and living the life of a vagabond, living out of one suitcase at a time.  we are watching buster while my parents take a mini vacay right down the street to disney.  so for now we get to watch buster. bella likes to pretend she hates him but deep down i know she really loves him.  when i got home this afternoon i went for my daily walk around the neighborhood..yikes...walking two dogs at 9 months pregnant is not an easy task.  especially when one of them runs after as much as a leaf blowing through the wind. luckily, between the leaf, cat and squirrel chasing and tangling of the leashes every 5 min i was able to complete my walk without any casualties. :)



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