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i've never blogged before, nor do i claim to be a world renowned writer. but i figured what the heck, this could be a good "outlet" to share my life with the rest of the world.  the gist of this blog is the daily life of myself, a 28 year old lover of all things fashion, a soon to be first time mom (yikes) that slightly obsesses over things completely out of my control.  this blog will also showcase my lovely husband, rey who is my best friend in the entire world, without him i don't know where i would be and our adorable 4 year old shi-tzu bella who has been the apple of both of our eyes until june 19th rolls around and she gets a very somewhat rude awakening.  you see, june 19 is the due date of our very first baby boy, landon.  we couldn't be more ecstatic, the day we found out i wanted to go out and buy everything under the sun in preparation for our soon to be child. but i restrained myself...until we found out we were having a boy.  which honestly came as no surprise, all boys run on rey's side of the family so the chances of us having a girl were slim to pretty much negative zero. :) once finding out we were having a boy, i rushed out that weekend with my parents to purchase all the nursery furniture, bed linens and wall decor.  i mean we only had 23 more weeks to go, we had to get all of those things done in that instant.  the following months flew by (yeah, right, if anyone tells you that pregnancy flies by they are lying to you and you should call them out for being a bold faced liar).  which brings us now to present day where i get the occasional oh wow, when are you due? how much longer do you have? are you sure you aren't having two? wow, your belly sure has grown since i saw you last! to those people i polity smile, give them the appropriate answer which sometimes may or may not include a hint of sarcasm and move along with my day. :) so come along if you like, and share in my journey that is started sooner than later. of becoming a mom that isn't your steriotypical  mom with high waisted jeans, a cardigan and a perfectly coiffed bob.


  1. Love Ur blog :D so much that I wanted to see how it was on the begining of your blog ;p



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