easy like sunday morning....

this morning rey and i did a quick grocery shopping trip to our local publix (after picking up starbucks of course). grocery shopping to me is one of the most annoying tasks, i would rather clean my toilet than go grocery shopping, but alas it has to be done.  no one is going to pick up my weekly dose of cheerios and pineapples for me. odd combination i know, but trust that i don't eat them together. after the dreaded trip we picked up my parents and made our way to tibby's which is hands down the best cajun restaurant in all of orlando.  i've never been to new orleans, so i really can't speak for them. :) once arriving, we all feasted upon fried pickles, shrimp po' boys and hands down the best thing that has ever graced my lips...the beignets.  words can't even describe the warm, flakey, surgary goodness of these little slices of heaven. honestly, i could eat 28 of them but instead i opted for 2 and left wanting more.  which means i more than likely will have to make a visit again next weekend.  i think since discovering this place rey and i have made a conscious effort to try and go there every weekend, if it doesn't happen then we promise each other we will go next weekend. side note, i am in now way affiliated with tibby's nor do i personally know anyone affiliated with tibby's. therefore, i am not getting paid to endorse them in any way.  i'm just a pregnant girl that enjoys some good food from time to time...well, probably more than time to time. but you get the point. i hope everyone had as fab of a weekend as i did, the weekends of just rey and i are slowly coming to an end.  only 5 more weeks (give or take a few) and we will be a table of 3 instead of 2.


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