35 weeks and counting.....

this past sunday marked the 35 week mark.  not my favorite week thus far. up until now, honestly the whole pregnancy thing was not a big deal to me.  i didn't have morning sickness nor did i gain a lot of weight right off the bat.  i was never extremely exhausted or did many foods make me nauseaus except for the occasional smell of a fresh lean cuisine in the microwave.  gross. even now a faint waft of a meal in a cardboard container makes me want to puke. but other than that everything was smooth sailing.  until we met the 34ish week mark.  that's when for the first time i could no longer see my feet from a standing position, i probably wouldn't want to see them anyways considering by the end of the day they swell to the size of a 50 something year old man with gout.  except i do make sure to maintain a fresh pedicure. :)  also, my fingers swell to the size of mini hotdogs therefore no longer allowing me to wear my wedding rings.  which in return makes me feel super self concious and think everywhere i go people are thinking i'm going to be on the next episode of 16 and pregnant, except not 16...28.  there has also been the sleepless nights as of late.  rey learned quickly to barracade me with pillows...one at my head, between my knees, at my feet, under my belly and behind my back. then came monday morning...i woke up and where my once cute little button nose sat all of a sudden transformed into what i call a bird beak. it seemed to take over my entire face.  i had heard of people saying their noses swell but seriously this thing has a mind of it's own.  at least to me it does, rey assures me i look the same.  but he is always good for that, telling me i look beautfiul and perfect even when i might not feel the best and am being super harsh on myself.  he is always there to make me feel better.

today i had my weekly nst test (non-stress test) which is where the doctor hooks you up to a dopler. (see picture below)  the nst is to monitor the baby's heart rate and make sure everything is ok. i had to start having nst's done twice a week due to high blood pressure.  basically i sit there for 20-30 min while they monitor the baby's heart rate and i have to press a little button each time i feel the baby kick.  might seem like a pain to have this done twice a week but it definitlely reassures me that everything is ok with baby landon. :)

even through all the aches and pains i go through each week as the due date finally nears i wouldn't trade it for the world.  i am extremely grateful to be able to experience something that not everyone has the oppourtunity to go through.  everytime i feel a little hiccup or kick i am reminded how lucky i really am. i can't wait for that day in the next few short weeks where i will finally get to see what baby landon will look like. how much hair will he have? who's nose will he have? what color will his eyes be?  but for now i just sit in anticipation and excitement counting down the days to june 19....or sooner :)


  1. I wish you and Rey the best. Muchas cosas lindas les esperan. This trip you are just starting is the best trip someone can have.

    Mis mejores deseos para los dos.

    Ralf Torres.


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