sometimes i wonder why i agree to the things rey suggests. that might sound slightly dramatic. i mean, he has yet to request i murder someone. which i suppose is a good thing. however, on this specific saturday he suggested i perch myself up on a tree limb in our front yard. "what? no. i am not that coordinated. there is no way i can get myself up on on that tree!" this included lots of dramatic hand gestures and facial expressions (see below).  he offered to boast me up. which resulted in 12 scratches on my legs and me yelling at him "ouch! my armpits are on fire! grab me by my arm!" "no! i can't get a good grasp that way!" 18 tries later i was awkwardly placed upon our tree branch. i'm sure our neighbors were amused peering through their windows.

beanie // h&m
henley // urban outfitters
shorts // vintage levi's
boots // target


  1. super!:)) xo

  2. Fun photographs :) I like your outfit.

  3. I gave you the Versatile Blogger Award.

  4. I absolutely love your outfit.x Love your top and the beanie looks great on you! The things we do for a nice outfit post! Love the fifth pictures, I guess it was worth the scratches :)


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