this is probably going to come as a shock but, standing and having my photo taken is not my favorite thing in the world to do. i know, i know. "you have a blog, you are a total narcissist and enjoy looking at photos of yourself all day." well, part of that is true. i only spend like half of the day looking at my photos the other half is spent catching up on real housewives and eating angie's chocolate covered popcorn. 
when i have my photo taken i can get really awkward and bored. and i start to fidget with my hair, hat, and all of a sudden i'm bow legged and scratching my leg all at the same time. please see below for further reference. 

hat // target
flannel // h&m
tee // h&m
leggings // h&m
boots // target


  1. nice!:) xo

  2. haha, i'm totally the same way! my poor boyfriend/photographer gets ridiculously exasperated with my inability to keep still when photographed (i just feel way too awkward).

    love the flannel!
    xo, lily on fillmore

  3. I always love your looks, this is so casual and laid-back. Effortless chic!

  4. I really love this plaid top, and with that hat? so cute!!


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