we are leaving for north carolina tomorrow. i have hoarded enough layering pieces over the past month to clothe a small army of females and toddlers. when i originally checked the weather it was going to be in the 60's now it has slowly creeped into the 70's. which then creates a whole other round of issues. like what tee to wear under your flannel when you have to remove it because it's too warm. yes, these are the dilemmas that keep me up at night. well, that, and are jess and nick really going to make it as a couple? 

hat // urban outfitters
sunglasses // free people
dress // forever 21
boots // sam & libby for target 


  1. have a fun time on your trip. I hope its not to cold for ya

  2. Nick and Jess are KILLING me! haha

  3. your dress is just so lovely! i love these photographs here!

    lindsey louise

  4. I will be in the Blowing Rock and Boone area this weekend as well and have been planning all week on what to wear. I was looking forward to the 60 degree temps. Now to replan my weekend outfits. :(

  5. LOVE this earthy vibe! such a young and hip dress. i love this new blog layout!

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  6. You are looking chic! I also love the background! Those blue skies and a burst of green just completes your look.

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