i kinda felt like cher when wearing this. and by cher i mean horowitz, not the other one. that cher i don't even know her last name. all i know about her is that she's always singing about turning back time. speaking of turning back time, lately i feel like an old, grouchy ninety-year-old man. "rey, why are there so many kids running around screaming outside and cutting through the yard? can we eat dinner yet, i'm starving and my back hurts." he just casually rolls his eyes and reminds me it's only 3:30 p.m., not even ninety-year-olds eat dinner at 3:30 p.m." 
Not sure when he became such a connoisseur of the elderly.

hat // h&m
dress // forever 21
boots // target


  1. my husband is kind of an old man, too. (and also kind of a child at times.) i love this dress on you! it's so fun!

  2. feeling like cher horowitz is alwaaaays a good thing.

  3. So cute, I absolutely love your style!!

  4. love your hair!


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