hey girl.

happy halloween! 
may your day be filled with treats. maybe a few tricks. like the funny kind. not the kind that work the street corners. unless the tricks you encounter on the corner are passing out mini butterfingers. in that case snatch those right up. 

the best part of this costume is i had every single item in my closet. all i had to do is spray paint the mirror. 

{oh. p.s. if you haven't figured out who i am dressed as, i'm jess from new girl. ok. that was awkward}

frame // ikea spray painted gold
glasses // warby parker
cardigan // kids section of target
belt // h&m
dress // urban outfitters
flats // urban outfitters


  1. So. Cute. Before I read what you wrote I was like, wow, she looks like Jess from New Girl. Clearly you did very well ;)


  2. love love love love
    such a great idea!!!

  3. you look just like The new girl!! cool costume, happy halloween to you too

  4. This is such a cute idea and I LOVE that frame! Well done!

    xo, Michelle
    Neon Rattail

  5. omg fab costume! you look so pretty, love that show too

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