approval rate

when i wore this outfit people my age or younger approved and gave me compliments all day long. the older crowd however, not as approving. as i walked by i heard one elderly man whisper to his wife, girlfriend, baby mama, what have you "i feel like i'm in another country when i see how some of these people are dressed." " hi, sir? yes. i can hear you. thanks. i'm glad i make you feel european while you are sitting in your chair sipping your mimosa in lake mary, florida. you're welcome. chao!"

hat // h&m
overalls // forever 21
tank // h&m
boots // sam & libby for target
bug bites // free due to the florida weather 


  1. Super Cute overrall. I love how people think you can't hear them.

  2. I love this outfit. I guess some people just don't understand..ahaha.


  3. Cute look! In love with your hat!



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