i've been debating chopping my hair into a long bob. debating it so much that i even have dreams about it. one day i'm all for it. the next i decide against it because i'm worried my face will look like a big jack-o'-lantern head. i guess that could be my halloween costume? 

sweater // forever 21
flannel // forever 21
denim // urban outfitters
boots // target


  1. you are gorgeous no matter what...i love your long hair, but think a longer bob would look fantastic!

  2. Ah, hair debates. Story of my life. It's just growing out now which means it's time to chop...but I REALLY miss braiding it. Bleh.

  3. I think you would look cute with a bob

  4. i am having the EXACT SAME dilemma. i'll let you do it first.


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