abandoned remains

i'm considering a move to north carolina just for their awesome backdrops for family photos, outfit photos, and whatever other random photos i might need. rey tried to convince me to crawl into this abandoned crack house, i mean, fire station. "come on just do it." kinda how a crack head would talk to a non crack head. anyways, i didn't end up in the said crack house slash abandoned fire station. i sent landon instead. he's always up for an adventure. 

what landon wore
beanie // h&m
flannel // old navy
denim // old navy
boots // old navy

what i wore
beanie // h&m
denim jacket // forever 21
tee // forever 21
leggings // target
boots // target


  1. You two look so cute together! And the house is as much interesting from outside, as it might be from the inside, so I thing you didn't miss anything. ;)



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