i love a romper. it's one of the few times an adult can wear a onesie in public and it be socially acceptable. that. and it's comfy and easy and kinda cozy. well. it's easy until you have to use the bathroom. then you have to pull the whole thing down and the entire time you are peeing you are praying you did lock the door and no one walks in on you and sees you pretty much naked using the bathroom. "i did lock the door, right, i mean, it looks locked?" 

sunglasses // target
romper // target
necklace // forever 21
belt // forever 21
sandals // target


  1. haha oh my gosh, I feel the same way about my one piece bathing suits!

  2. HAHAHA i feel the same way about rompers and one-piece outfits too!

  3. I love your description! Yes, rompers are oh so comfy. Wore my first tonight and when I was using the public bathroom, I was thinking the EXACT same thing!


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