m i c k e y

to celebrate landon's actual birthday we took him to the character breakfast at the beach club resort. i knew he would love it. pancakes and goofy? that's pretty much his heaven. he was able to meet donald duck. of course he grabbed his beak and his tail and i was fairly certain we were going to be kicked out due to him accosting a character. luckily he was quickly distracted by bacon and all was well. we then met goofy who is his favorite. right away he grabbed goofy's teeth and kept wanting to hug him. then came minnie, he tried to kiss her. which, now that i think about it makes sense why he now has some sort of eye infection going on. after breakfast we spent the day at hollywood studios meeting buzz and woody. watching disney jr. live and some stunt car show that i'm pretty sure rey wanted to see more than anyone. it was a great day spent with just the three of us. 


  1. Love your headband and it must have been so exciting to beside Mickey, Minnie and Toy Story characters! ;)

  2. that looks super fun! It's awesome that you guys live SO close to Disney!!


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