this shirt dress. super comfy. super easy. two things i'm all about. then i put it on and got confused? "is this a dress? is it a shirt? why is it so see through? ok i'll put a tank underneath it. now it's not so see through." i even asked rey "does this look like a dress?" his response was "what does the tag say?" which i think is a neutral response. he clearly didn't want to say dress then i would be all mad and tell him "no, rey! it's a shirt!"or vice versa. i give him props for remaining neutral. however, it still didn't solve my issue. the tag clearly read dress. so after much debate. ok. like 15 minutes of debating with myself. i decided to be bold and wear it as a dress. go big or go home. or maybe go big and go home because you look half naked? 

sunglasses // target
dress // forever 21
tank under dress // h&m
sandals // target


  1. Muy bonito el vestido!!

  2. You look adorable! I love dresses in the spring and summer -- so comfy!

    xx Lynzy

  3. Lookin' good half naked either way - haha!

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  5. simple but chic !

    followibng you now, follow back maybe ?



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