father's day twenty thirteen

yesterday landon and i woke up super early to give rey his father's day card. i carefully instructed him. "ok, hold on to this card with both hands and bring it to dad." i envisioned him tossing the card to the side, grabbing his sippy cup and carrying on watching toy story 2 for the 1,283,933th time. to my surprise he actually listened and delivered rey his father's day card beaming with pride. as soon as rey opened the card landon eagerly pointed out where he had signed his name. so. adorable. we then gave rey his beard trimmer we had carefully picked out the week before. because. what says father's day more than a beard trimmer? and i'm pretty sure ron swanson would approve. we spent the rest of the day having lunch with my dad and swimming and having an early dinner with rey's family. it was a great father's day! i hope you all had a wonderful day with the ones you love! 


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