play day

yesterday we spent a great part of the day outdoors. at the zoo getting mosquito bites from head to toe, swimming in my parents pool, running through the sprinklers accompanied by a little chalk doodling that ended rather quickly due to a snake spotting. i text rey "eeek, i just spotted a snake!?" "what kind of snake is it and why do you always spot these snakes when i am not around" i hate when people ask "what kind of snake?" does it really matter? a snake is a snake whether it's purple or yellow. it was a black snake for the record. of course the next response is usually"oh black snakes are harmless!" spare me. please. save it for a snake lover. or peta. 


  1. AWWWW! His whale hat matched with his whale trunks? Too cute! I can barely stand it.

    xo Ashley

  2. Great photos! Love your blog. New follower!

    Follow me back too?!?!


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