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friday i attempted my first photo an hour. basically it is how it reads. i take a photo every hour documenting what we are doing at that current moment. within my discretion of course. i'm fairly certain no one wants to see a photo of me cleaning up dog poop or any poop for that matter.  

6 am. wake up because rey was leaving for work and i could no longer sleep. this is the best time for me to catch up on blogs. i mean. news. 
7 a.m. someone is awake and visibly happy to have his photo taken. 
8 a.m. time for makeup. no one wants to see this face bare. not even my toddler. trust that.  
9 a.m. ding dong. hello? gaga, gigi open the door!! i'm here to play. 
10 a.m. he plays better at my parents house sometimes more than ours. sometimes i drop him off their for hours just so he can play trains. kidding...kinda... 
11 a.m. landon is hungry. probably because he threw his breakfast to the dog. what does any self- respecting mother do? take their kid to mcdonalds drive-thru. 
12 p.m. i mean. i'll feed my child mcdonalds all day. i however chose on this particular day to go the healthier route. mainly because it allows me to actually eat while he "naps".  
1 p.m. sometimes i try to be productive while landon naps. other days i prefer watching real housewives. 
2 p.m. he awakes. 2 hours sure goes by fast. 
3 p.m. we go outside for popsicles and train playing for like 10 min. it's hot. ain't nobody got time for that. 
4 p.m. a little toy story watching with woody by his side.  
5 p.m. dad is home! we decide to go out for mexican during a tropical storm. smarties.  
6 p.m. back home for a friday night beverage.  
7 p.m. bath time!  
8 p.m. chasing this kid around this house trying to get him to bed and picking up from the tornado he left in his pathway all day long. 
9 p.m. so. i might go to bed at 9. don't be a judgey judy. 


  1. love all these snapshots! and omg my bedtime is like 10. Love the sleep mask :)

    love from San Francisco,

  2. I think my favorite photo is the bathtime one, hehe.

  3. I love the bathtime pic! Thanks for coming to visit me today and I want to take your photo and hour challenge! :)

  4. ok, so this is amazing! love the bath pic too!
    Xo, Megan,

  5. I always enjoy seeing posts showing photos each hour, it really gives a feel of what people's life are like. Yours for example is filled with adorable-ness it seems. I mean the photo in the bathtub is all kinds of cute!

  6. I love this photo an hour post! May have to give it a shot. I totally pull the Mickey D's Happy Meal stop at 11am... AND I always wait to eat my lunch during nap. Actually, I get really excited about that time of day haha. New to your blog. Love your style. Looking forward to following.

  7. This photo an hour concept isn't too different from Instagram lol. I think most bloggers post a photo every hour! Sometimes I wonder how people have fun when they're trying to document their lives all the time, but I thnk it's a cool concept for someone who doesn't take pictures too often. I really enjoyed your post because of the absolute adorable-ness lol. I LOVEE the bathtub picture. What a precious angel!


    1. i never said it was different from instagram.however, i must not be the average blogger because i definitely don't post a photo an hour on instagram! thanks for your feedback. such a sweet girl you are. just checked out your blog. really loved that feathered elmo looking skirt you had on.

  8. Cute! The second photo made me laugh :D

  9. This was so are hilarious girl!
    And your son's face when he first wakes up...priceless.
    I'd go for a Stella right now!


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