Pinwheels + Easter Baskets

Sunday, after a day of running errands we ventured outdoors for some Easter egg fun accompanied with pinwheels. Who doesn't love a pinwheel? I think they are so adorable and automatically take me back to my childhood. We were only outside for a mere 10 minutes when we had to head indoors. Landon has the skin of casper the ghost and turns two shades of beet red within seconds. Poor boy, he has no idea what this Florida summer has in store for him! 


  1. Awwww, cute are making me long for some warm Michigan weather!

  2. Sweet little baby bunny Landon! And seriously, could you be any more cute?! Happy Easter to you guys :)

  3. I really like those wooden eggs. Did you make them or buy them?

  4. Such precious pics! I love your blue shorts - so bright and perfect for spring/summer!


  5. EEEP! How cute are y'all!? I just adore your bright blue shorts, and your little guy is adorable!!

    So excited I ran across your precious blog! Following along now...can't wait to read more! Hope you are having a wonderful week. xx

  6. He's so cute. Beautiful pictures. Happy Easter!

  7. you look so pretty and springy. i love your lipstick! i'm the same as landon, i can't be in the sun for too long either. poor guy!

    cara | fanciness vintage


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