Landon's First Egg Hunt!

So. Yeah. We took a ton of photos over the weekend. But that's ok, it's always nice to have memories to look back on. :) Saturday we took Landon to his first Easter Egg hunt at our Church. He absolutely loved it! Mainly because he could watch all the other kids run and play. He would squeal and make noises at them as they ran by. He LOVES other children. When the egg hunt was finished we were supposed to turn in all the eggs we collected for prizes. We tried prying those little plastic eggs from Landon's hands with no luck what so ever. Each time we tried to take them he would scream! So end of the story. We stole plastic easter eggs from a Church. Horrible parents. But he did stop screaming! ;)


  1. Awww he is adorable!!
    Great pictures :D

  2. I LOVE your outfit. Seriously. It is way cute. And hooray to taking way too many pictures! Story of my life. It's good to have the memories though since they grow too fast anyway!

    Landon sure looks like a little stud. Glad he had a great first Easter egg hunt!

    Along Abbey Road

  3. aww, these pictures are really, really cute. look at those little bunny ears!

  4. Landon is too cute but I'm loving your style. OOTD, stat!

  5. so sweet pictures!!!!! I love your outfit!
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