My Week via iPhone : Week 17

All sorts of happenings going on this week...

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painting my nails & reading the hunger games. i finished this week!
you can never have too many jewels...that might be a slight exaggeration.
starting book 2! 
sick face baby.
red. #photoadayapril
rainy day hat weather.
i'm a sucker for cut out bodies where i can add my head.
serious sally's. 
air boat rides!
tasty beverage at willowtree.
last thing(s) i bought. #aprilphotoaday 
turning more and more into a toddler with each passing day...

rainy day.
target gave away free re useable bags on earth day!
sharing a tasty treat. love.

grumpy post nap face. 
something aout coke in a bottle is so delish.
in inherited this amazing camera!
vegetable. #photoadayapril
"mama, you are so mean for making me eat those peas!" 
something i'm grateful for. #photoadayapril
birthday party prep work.
"mama, i don't wanna eat peas. just cupcakes!"

looking down. #aprilphotoaday
slowly but surely getting the food labels done. 
i'm living a lie.
guarding the washer & dryer is his new favorite activity. 
black & white #photoadayapril
entertaining himself. so sweet. 
new turquoise treasure.

have a fabulous weekend!


  1. lovely photos and beautiful bracelets!

  2. hehe your son & my son has the same ikea rug. :)

  3. cuuuuute nails! and i love the hunger games books... just read the series too!


  4. These pictures are so, so precious! I love your nail color, and the pictures of Landon are too adorable! I totally agree about Coke bottles - seeing them (and hearing a bottle or can cracked open) instantly brings a refreshing feeling to mind!



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