Landon Visits the Easter Bunny

Landon decided last week to pay his first visit to the Easter Bunny.  He begged and begged Rey and I to take him, said all of his friends had told him the best Easter Bunny in town was at the Mall at Millenia. After much consideration we decided it was only fair to take him. 
Once arriving at the mall and waiting in line for a few short moments, taking time to make sure his hair looked just right, his shoes were on tight and his sleeves were rolled ever so carelessly but not too careless. You still have to look polished of course. It was finally Landon's turn. I turn to Rey and whisper "Is there a person in that costume? Why isn't he moving? Rey, I don't think he is real??" Rey replies, "He is real, what do you think it's a robot?" Not even listening I respond "No, Rey, for real, that thing is NOT real." 
The photographer then asks me Landon's age, I inform him he is 10 months. He looks him up and down, then looks down at the little basket he is holding.  And says, "Um, yeah he is not going to fit in this. He is going to have to sit on his own." I then prop him up next to this enormous bunny which is cute in a Peter Rabbit kinda way but also creepy in a Michael Myers Halloween Part 1 (the original not that new remake crap) not moving sort of way. After snapping a few quick photos we were left with the picture below. I think he looks absolutely adorable but then again I am his Mother.
Oh, by the way, the bunny did have a real person inside. He decided to creepily shift his sitting position at the last minute. Happy Easter!


  1. He's like always so cute.
    Happy Easter!

  2. so cute! i laughed at the michael myers analogy, they did come out cute though!

    cara | fanciness vintage

  3. his smile is perfect! What a good little boy and a lucky mom. ;)


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