a {tv interlude} of sorts

i have been a neglectful blogger as of the past week. that's what happens when new girl and how i met your mother come back on. i lock myself indoors and watch tv all evening wrapped in my snuggie. i'll be back to regularly scheduled programming in the next few days. first. i gotta catch up on mike and molly. oh. and real housewives of new jersey. it's a busy life up in here. 

top // forever 21
shorts // urban outfitters
boots // urban outfitters


  1. I LOVE New Girl. It's one of my favorite shows, hands down. I just really want Zooey's wardrobe.

  2. nice top!!

    Natalia, http://my-crazy-idea.blogspot.com/

  3. loving the red booties! that color can go with so many things


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