fidgety hands

i have roughly 1238743 photos of myself awkwardly fidgeting with my hair (see below for reference). most of the time i don't even notice i'm doing it until rey points it out. maybe, if i didn't have so much of it i wouldn't play around with. probably not. i would more than likely find a way to continuously flip it from front to back, to back to front and sometimes sideways even if it were a pixie.
also, what do you think of my sweet canadian tuxedo? 

hat // target
denim button up // forever 21
high waisted denim shorts // urban outfitters
leopard flats // target


  1. I love the hat with this outfit! What a perfect touch.


    Fashion and Beauty Finds

  2. I also always touch my hair unconsiously trying to look prettier)))Ahaha. You are with bangs again. Look lovely in denim)


  3. I'm totally with you! Whenever I take pictures I'm always wondering what to do with my hands. Haven't heard the phrase Canadian tuxedo in ages, you made me LOL.

    Eau de Violet

  4. That hat is too cute. Although I think it's so funny you're into this fall thing - what is it 100 degrees still in Florida? Eek!

    - Sara @ Gameday Stylist

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