guys. we have some serious business to discuss. go ahead and grab your reading glasses. i'll wait. 
ok. target has this dress on clearance right now. $12 bucks. yes, really, $12 and some coins. now, don't take this the wrong way. but, i usually don't even look at clearance racks. not because i think i'm better than them. they just give me anxiety. just looking at them gives me the willies. all that disarray. nothing orderly. just a big mish mosh of randomness. but, on this lovely tuesday it was like the clearance rack patrol had come around and neatly ordered all of the racks and strategically placed this dress in my viewing area. maybe my idea of clearance racks has now been changed. until i go into forever 21, you know they never have a clearance rack patrol.

dress // target
necklace // urban outfitters
belt // forever 21
boots // urban outfitters


  1. that is a great find!! I love the way you styled it with your red booties! xx


  2. Well worth the stress! I am the same way at Target. It is truly a frightening site in the clearance section!!

  3. I agree, I think they need to hire one person to constantly monitor the clearance racks! You look great in that dress, it's very cute!

  4. ok i scoured like two targets looking for this dress. the quest must go on!!!

  5. Amazing - $12! You cannot beat that.

    - Sara @ Gameday Stylist

  6. $12?! Dang! It's so cute and I love how you styled it :) Have a great weekend!

  7. I love this dress! So cute.

    I'm now following your blog, would you mind checking mine out? xx

  8. the colour is so nice ! :))



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