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when i saw sam & libby was doing a collaboration with target it took me back. back to 6th grade when i had a terrible curly perm with hot pink plastic glasses that no one should ever have. accompanied by braces that were ever changing during the holidays. green and red? yes, please. how else will all my friends know it's christmas? i had quite the trifecta going on at the time. as an awkward 6th grader i remember having these exact ballet flats. i must have chose red during christmastime... luckily i kinda outgrew that awkward phase but still went on to still choose the most practical of footwear. which brings us to these boots. i love an ankle boot. when i ran into these little pretties i knew i had to scoop them up. a flat boot, buckles, straps, and show the right amount of ankle as to not give the appearance of a cankle? thank you.  then i saw the price tag...$45. two twenties and a five for a pair of target boots?? i reluctantly put them back and went on my way. still, those boots kept taunting me. "they were quite comfy. they did look pretty cute. i mean, i could wear them with like a ton of stuff. people up north spend  hundreds of dollars on boots every winter. why can't i be apart of that and i'm not even spending hundreds. i do have 20% off and on top of my 5% from my red card they are practically giving them to me!?" so it was settled. i went and purchased them within the next few days and they have remained on my feet since. i even tried to wear them to bed the other night but rey got really weirded out and i figured i had to draw the line somewhere. 

jacket // target
dress // urban outfitters
boots // sam & libby for target


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