fall {ish}

over the weekend we snapped some quick fall photos. quick because the tutu i wore instantly became a net for love bugs. apparently they are attracted to white. apparently rey knew this and wanted to be all judgey "i don't know why you wore white. love bugs love white." "oh, thanks. because i'm a bug reporter and should have known there were going to be eighty-three thousand bugs here." also, i would like the record to reflect that landon was actually really good. like, really good. as in he didn't run aimless around the field. he actually sat. he actually played with apples and pretended to feed me them. fingers crossed he will do the same for christmas photos we take in october. because, like they say "nothing says trick or treat like a christmas tree!" and by they i mean me. 

flannel // target
tutu // anthropologie 
boots // urban outfitters


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