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so. i had volunteered to make red play dough for landon's preschool class this week. i am a lot of things. crafty not being one of them. and, yes. i consider making homemade play dough crafty. i'm not a huge pinterest person. i honestly don't really get it or see the interest. then again, i don't sit around constructing wreaths out of objects "i just found lying around the house." yesterday afternoon i got to work on my play dough. "i mean, it's salt and water and some oil, flour and a bit of food coloring. it can't be that hard." i thought to myself. i pushed up my sleeves, even removed all of my jewelry. i'm pretty sure that's what all chefs do and dug in. the mixing part was easy at first. then the mixture turned mushy, which then turned sticky, ending it goopy. i also began to notice the glop wasn't turning the bright red shade all the blogs and pinterest posts showed. mine was more of a pepto bismaly meets cotton candish shade. rey walks by "add more food coloring." "oh, thanks, genius." i add more food coloring. still pink. i add more flour to thicken it up. still pink. i even added paint to the mixture hoping to brighten it up. kidding. kinda. i mean, it's non-toxic. if your kid tries to eat it then that's their problem. kidding. in the end my play dough is pink. i keep telling myself it's a dark shade of pink. but, it's pink. i even informed landon his teacher will probably never allow me to make play dough ever again. he yelled something about a train and daisy duck and ran off. at least he doesn't mind my non-crafty side. 

gorgeous, isn't she!

and on an unrelated note:

dress // forever 21
boots // target


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